About Us

About Us
Elevate your outdoor experience with our exquisite FLOODPROOF OUTDOOR FURNITURE COLLECTION at BT MART. Designed seamlessly combine elegance with resilience, our pieces bring enduring beauty to your outdoor spaces while standing strong against flooding. Crafted from top-quality materials with Waterproof And Water-Resistant Properties, our furniture ensures that you can enjoy your patio or deck without worry, even in the face of unexpected weather challenges. Visit us at btmart.com.my to explore our curated selection and bring lasting style to your outdoor oasis today !

You can now rest easy, knowing that your outdoor oasis will remain intact, beautiful, and ready to welcome you after every storm.
Why Choose BT MART ?
Elegance Meets Endurance
Each piece has been thoughtfully crafted to capture the essence of elegance, featuring clean lines and exquisite finishes that effortlessly complement any outdoor aesthetic.
Built to Withstand Challenges
Our floodproof outdoor furniture is not just about style! Crafted from high-quality materials meticulously chosen for their waterproof and water-resistant properties, these pieces can withstand the harshest weather conditions, including flooding.
Seamless Design, Easy Care
Simply wipe away the remnants of a rain shower, and your Weatherproof Furniture is ready to shine again. Spend less time worrying and more time enjoying the outdoors with your loved ones.
Smart Investment for Peace of Mind
Investing in our floodproof outdoor furniture is about securing peace of mind for years to come. By choosing our collection, you're making a smart investment in your outdoor spaces that pays dividends in durability, comfort, and long-lasting elegance.